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The last week of May I will be in charge of taking the 9th grade class (about 50 students) on a trip to Lijiang in the Yunnan Province. Leave on a Monday and return on Friday. Three days of hiking and rock climbing along with some cultural awareness events. There are more than 50 recognized on minority groups in China.

The school organizes the entire trip. I can participate in as much or as little of the activities as I wish. Mostly I'll be responsible for herding the kids and helping to coordinate travel from place to place with a team of teachers.

These pictures are supposed to give a fair representation of the expected activities. Looks fun to me. Not sure sure about the elevated stuff, but I'll likely give it a go. From what I understand most international schools do some sort of annual trip for each class as an adventure. I can see this being the sort of thing that helps build lasting friendships and memories.

As the guy in charge of this trip I'm hoping to put my own spin in the adventure by incorporating a "digital detox" theme for the three activity days. However, I can see the need to take photographs being a barrier. I need to discuss this more with my team of advisors to navigate how realistic that part of the trip might be. Regardless, my opinion of what we've done to the past two generations of kids with cell phones won't change. It feels criminal and my generation is largely to blame.

I'll update more as I learn more. I'm pumped. Looks like this could be a super fun week.

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