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Chinese colleges close

Excuse is that it's due to Covid. Reality is that it's because that's where the protesters are coming from. Solution? Close the colleges and bus them all home. Pathetic.

Daisy sent me this yesterday. it's a link to a public notification.

Ok. What's this? How about seeing it translated into English?

Yep. Report your neighbors to the authorities because they're a "security risk" and get a reward. Up to 100,000 RMB. Report a family member? Sure. Go for it. Again, pathetic. My nephew is a protester. Come and get him. I guess I knew what I signed up for. Thought police are in full swing here.

I don't have many deep discussions with Chinese nationals. I get most of my information from ex-pats. It's apparent that some are optimistic while others are pessimistic. The pessimistic make their opinions known quickly. They are quick to let me know that most Chinese citizens believe that it's foreigners that brought Covid to China. They don't believe that it came from Wuhan. I don't know how true this is. My impressions so far make me think they are just like us. Afraid of what they don't know and understand. However, it's very apparent that the Chinese government works hard to control the narrative. For instance, some believe that the protesters are paid by foreigners to cause trouble. That's sad, but just like in the states some people are going to believe what they want to believe. I've heard a similar story with regard to the January 6 incident.

As I meander my way through this adventure my bell curve mindset continues to be reinforced. There are people on both ends of the spectrum in all things. Meanwhile there are a majority of us sitting in the middle watching the loudest on both ends make spectacles of themselves.

In other news... we got snowed on last night. Still snowing this morning. Not much in the world more peaceful than silently falling snow.

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