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Back to Hangzhou for this week. Will spend New Years next weekend with Aiyun before we trek north to Harbin. I spent a few hours with the Hobsons on Christmas Eve. The invited a collection of friends that were still here at the school for a meal together.

Anita, Marcella, and Kellys all provided some great South American cuisine. The sopa Bogotana que se llama Ajiaco was spectacular. Tomales and arroz con leche were great too.

Fantasy football playoffs rolled along this week. My team fell flat and I got slaughtered. On to the third place game next week. Watching the Russell Wilson Broncos is painful. I'm happy that Seattle got the much better end of that trade, but watching Wilson struggle this bad is rough. Hard not to feel bad for him after he did so much for the Seahawks. Of course he leads a 16 point fourth quarter com back to tie the game, but loses to New England in the end. Crazy finish to a game.

I had considered a round of golf today, but watching football kept me on the couch too long. I'll hit my own small driving range for an hour instead and will perhaps head out to the course tomorrow when the temperatures are a bit warmer. I spent some time working on fifty yard pitches. The circle in the center of the field makes a good target.

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