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Christmas Day

Woke up at 1:45AM to watch the Seahawks game and monitor my fantasy football squad. I haven't missed a down of a Seahawks game in a long time. For the ones I missed live, I watched them within hours or days. That would have started when I moved to Washington in the early 80s. I remember being excited that Seattle drafted Curt Warner out of Penn State. We traveled across the country at nearly the same time and I was a Nittany Lions fan. The 1984 team was probably my favorite squad. The defense was awesome led by by my favorite Seahawk Kenny Easley. He hit like a truck and was athletic. Not a surprise that my favorite player from the newer generation was Kam Chancellor. Similar player, but even better at intimidating other teams. Maybe the scariest hitter of all time. This is my favorite YouTube video of all time. Decide for your self.

Not sure if I got the video to imbed correctly. Try this URL:

My fantasy season may be coming to a screeching halt. Needed a decent game out of anyone and not one of my players did anything special. Still three more players to go tomorrow. I'm hopeful that Latavius Murray is set up for a huge game against the broken Rams. We shall see. The only reason I have a chance is the Raiders laid an egg on Franco Harris day. Odd timing that he passed away the week that Pittsburgh was going to retire his Jersey on the 50th anniversary of the Imacculate Reception. I've passed by the statue of this play in the Pittsburgh airport many times. Losing 7-6 Harris scored one of the most improbable touchdowns of all time to end the game against the Raiders. Pittsburgh was down 10-6 today when they scored a late TD to win again. Nearly the same score. The Immaculate Reception started the Steeler dynasty of the 70s. One fluke play goes the other way and maybe we talk about the Raiders as the team of the 70s?

Daisy is planning on stopping by later and bringing dinner. I think she's planning on grabbing some duck. I hope so. I'm a huge fan of duck now. I like turkey quite a bit, but duck is even better. We'll probably watch a movie. Maybe play some cribbage. Not sure. After watching The Rings of Power series this past week I've got a hankering to watch The Hobbit series and the Lord of the Rings.

We opted for a Christmas movie and went with Love Actually. It's a toss up for me as a favorite Christmas movie. Either that or Elf. Call me a cotton headed ninny muggins, but I'm a sucker for a Hugh Grant romantic comedy. The scence in Notting Hill where the seasons change is one of my favorites in any film.

Moira sent me this picture this morning. Awwwwwww... The two boys I miss the most.

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Dec 30, 2022

Everybody knows Die Hard is the best Christmas movie, actually.


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Dec 27, 2022

I'm sorry to stomp on toes here but the greatest xmas movie of all time is Christmas Vacation, followed by the original The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, then the original A Christmas Carol... can't remember a holiday season that I didn't see all three.

David, thank you for sharing that Kam Chanellor video, I had never seen it, the entire time I was watching it I was thinking of us editing the countless hours of football tape in our basement... that was fun and a PITA at the same time. Hope those guys still bust out those dvds on occasion (lot of damn work went into those).

Duck? uhhh just no--and I'm being over the top polite when I say…


Merry Christmas! Murray didn't quite work out. Denver is BAD. Don't think many saw such a collapse. Best Xmas movie is tough as they all have their place: It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th St, A Christmas Carol, Scrooged, wow, the list goes on. Newest fav is Klaus. Check it out.


The shit you would be pitching me in the halls if I was depending on Latavius Murray for points….

Merry Xmas

The Family Stone is the best Xmas movie.


Paige Shumway
Paige Shumway
Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎄💞

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