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Christmas Eve

Daisy and I are planning to see Avatar in a movie theater this weekend. I think there a big IMAX screen next to her apartment. That could be cool. She tells me that it will be in English with Chinese subtitles.

This brings back a weird memory. After seeing Avatar in the theater I wanted to go a second time. My wife wasn't into it but our friend Pam hadn't seen it and so I agreed to go with her. It was a strange and even surreal experience being in a darkened theater with a woman other than my wife. It didn't help that I always had a bit of a thing for Pam. We were similar in some ways. Each of us were way too uptight and slightly neurotic. I remember vividly being there with Pam and it just felt all kinds of wrong. I never came close to cheating on my wife, but I purposefully avoided situations where I was going to be alone with another woman. Again, neurotic. Go figure.

School ends today. It was a weird week. More than half of the teachers are sick. Not sure of the numbers, but it feels like nearly everyone but a small handful of us are down with Covid this week. Five consecutive weeks off and I'm wondering what I'll do to fill the time. Beijing is off the table for now. I'll reevaluate in another week, but that doesn't seem likely. My stepdad Stephen recommended a book that just arrived. It's about the Chinese discovering the world long before Columbus and Magellan. It's titled 1421: The year China discovered the world.

It's Christmas Eve now. I hit the school this morning to deal with some paperwork. Place was completely empty. Also used an exercise bike for 30 minutes. Thinking this might be a daily routine during the break to keep me moving a bit. I can watch part of a movie or read while sitting there pedaling. Have to say though, my legs felt like they were made of concrete afterwards. Maybe it will get easier?

Need to hit the shower and then start delivering pie to my neighbors. Meeting Daisy later for lunch and then our movie. Going to crash early tonight as I plan to be up at 2:00am on Christmas morning. Not a Santa thing. It's a Seahawks and fantasy football thing. Down to the final four in the playoffs. Hoping that my World Cup luck continues in into another cash prize.

OMG. Just got in a didi (taxi) and the smell of cigarettes is awful. Like, so bad it might give me a headache. I'm glad I have Daisy's slices of pie sealed in plastic or the smell might ruin them. :puke:

Lunch at Aussie Kitchen. Place was empty as were the streets. Covid fear is currently strong here. We masked up so as not to strike fear in anyone near.

Movie was great. Huge IMAX screen and 3-D were wort the cost, which of course was way cheaper than it would have been in the states.

A different kind of Christmas Eve. Lots of thoughts of Moira today. Missing you Pnut.

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