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Cloudy skies

The view off my back deck has improved recently. Whatever they're growing is flowering like mad.

Speaking of my view, I keep putting my eyes on that hill thinking I need to get to the top. Far to the left of this picture there's a path that works up the hill and along the ridge line. I'm planning on getting together with Ivy on Saturday and we're going up that hill.

Our weather has taken a turn for the worse this past week. Lots of rain and more clouds. It's not that cold, but it's been really gray. Sort of feels like life in Bellingham. It will be improving starting tomorrow. Next weekend is our Beijing trip. It's pretty far north and significantly colder most of the time. At the moment the forecast is acceptable. Keeping my fingers crossed.

In school happenings our 12th graders haven't been in class for over a week. No class for them next week either. Their completing mock exams. It's their practice for the enormous battery of test they will take in May. The math portion is five hours worth of testing. They have similar tests in other subjects as well. In order to earn an IB diploma they need to pass them all. Their scores can have an impact on their college acceptance agreements for next year as well. High pressure doesn't begin to describe the stakes. When they don't have tests they don't come to school. Having a few extra planning periods have been nice.

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23 mrt. 2023

I lived in England and everyone took A (Advanced) levels and O (Ordinary) levels. These generally decided whether or not you were accepted at college. Famously spoofed by J.K. Rowling as "OWLs", Ordinary Wizarding Levels.

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