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Comments and grading, again

Another meal at my desk. Wonton and some rice tonight. Good stuff.

I'm getting addicted to good rice. Not just dried out fried rice, but flavorful and buttery. I dig it. I'm certain it's super healthy.

Twice each semester I have to write comments for each student. The standard is at least seven sentences personalized to each kid. It takes a while. Makes me realize that I have some that I don't know well enough. Gives me some direction on where I need to be directing my attention during class. One of our SST (student support team) leaders Katie Foster is a gem. She works hard for kids and advocates for them tirelessly. I brought her a mocha today. She gave me a great suggestion to help me get through the comments this time around. Use the dictation function in Word. Not bad. I hit record and talk about a kid. Whatever comes to mind off the cuff. It's not faster, but it's better. Whatever comes to mind ends up on the page. Much more personalized than trying to type by hand. I'm finding that I use WAY too much hyperbole. This is giving me a chance to edit that out.

I had my eigth graders complete an activity that made me realize just how much better at They are in comparison to kids in the states. Without seeing the concept of factoring a quadratic they were asked to "figure it out" and write a short essay on the concept. These are three average papers...

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03 dic 2022

Sigh. My classes would be some variation on "I don't get what you are asking us to do". The quicker students might write something like (x^2-2)(x-24).

Me gusta

02 dic 2022

Were you going to attach?

Me gusta
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