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Comments and reports due this week

I'm burned out from writing comments. There are some major differences in grading and reports between my old public school and my new private school.

I'm quickly becoming a fan of the grading system. They don't earn letter grades like we don't the states. Here they earn a score from 0 to 8 on most items. This grade is based only on Summative assessment. 3 is the lowest "passing" grade and 8 is nearly unattainable. To earn a grade of 7 or 8 on an assessment students must go beyond what is expected of an average student. They have to display understanding of concepts and the ability to apply this understanding in areas that they haven't seen yet. On tests students expect to have questions that they have never seen or considered before. Only the best of the best have a chance to get these questions right. These tests must have different levels of questions to identify where students are at on the scale. Classwork and homework aren't counted in the overall grade. I was suspicious of this system at first, but I get it now. This said, these are not average students with average homes compared to a public school in the states. I'm wondering how it would fly there. Further, I'm wondering if I expected to little of my students in the states. I'll need to ponder this more.

Comments? Out first grade reports are being released to parents soon. We're expected to write a five to seven sentence paragraph on each student. It took a long time. These are submitted to the admin. They read it all and give feedback to us suggesting changes. We then have to copy and paste each statement for each kid into the online grading and student information system one at a time. There's a gathering this coming weekend of teachers being hosted by Nichola. Check out the logo in the header.

That's pretty much how the staff feels about it. Nicola is an interesting character. She's a PE teacher from Australia. More than once I've heard her say "I'm such a cunt". Not joking. She can be a brute force at times. She's hard not to like.

I'll share more on the grading stuff at another time. I'm burned out and need to crash. It's 8:30pm. That's starting to feel like a regular thing. When I wake up at 4:00am to watch the Seahawks game it means I'm going to feel this way. My choice.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Oct 22, 2022

Glad I never had to grade that way... comments?! I only ever commented on kids that were extraordinarily excellent... ya know what class that was in--mhs teachers know what class I'm talking about.

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