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Covid all over the place

Tons of students and teachers testing positive now. It doesn't appear to be dangerous now, just a bad cold at worst for some people. The school felt abandoned today. Only a handful of people at lunch.

Online school going as expected. Very low expectations for students in terms of work load. Show up and complete some review before taking a quiz. I still had to introduce a new concept to my 11th grade class today. It went well enough, but I only had four of my seven students today. Ugh. Perhaps tomorrow will be better?

Reports are that the streets are looking empty as people hunker down. China has gone from full on monitoring of everything to nothing. Take a look at this...

People are being encouraged to go to work even if they have symptoms. Reports are that a million people may die. Actually, if that's the case isn't that's relatively much less than the number of people that died in the states? Well, that's if you believe what's being reported. I understand people have their doubts and for different reasons.

Just got an email from our superintendent. He's allowing running your class from home if you like. I'll still go to my classroom. I've got a ton to do before February. Might as well get in it now instead of procrastinating.

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