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Covid Panic #1

I'm calling this #1. I believe there will be more.

Welcome to China! It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Today we have our first Covid panic. Someone tested positive at one of the large malls nearby yesterday, so everyone that was at the mall has now been yellow coded on their health status for proximity. Seven teachers in the upper school, double digit in the lower school, and many students aren't here today at school. It sounds like everyone yellow coded will have to quarantine for five days.

I get to cover four extra classes today, and I only have two open blocks (out of seven). How is this possible? My fifth and sixth blocks. Have my twelfth grade class. I get to have another twelfth grade class join us in my room. The concept of substitute teachers here isn't really a thing. I'm afraid to ask if I get paid for covering extra classes. I think I already know the answer there.

No idea how many students in that class yet. Mine only has nine. Mine is not to reason why, mine is but to do or die. Gung ho! Gung ho! Gung ho! I might need to watch a good Vietnam War movie tonight. Full Metal Jacket anyone? I'm currently sitting in third block covering for a science teacher. They're taking a test. Easy peasy.

Fifth and sixth blocks I had students testing. The other class I had was swamped with writing a paper so they were busy and docile. Just got an update for tomorrow. I'll won't have any extra classes to cover tomorrow, my 7th block advisory class will have double the students. That's not a big deal.

Not sure what the coming week holds, but my gut tells me this might get ugly. Here's some data from the area around Guangzhou. Not good there. Hoping that doesn't happen here.

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What is driving their panic over covid? Is it basically due to the close proximity of the population and concerns that it could get out of control? Seems that the numbers are miniscule. Could there be something more political behind it?

David Shick!
David Shick!

Added note. I can't stress enough the population density issue. The cities here don't have sprawling suburbs that get included in the count. The cities here have people packed in tightly. I'm certain that China has the highest population per square mile compared to other nations when looking at their cities. I heard Neil Degrasse Tyson going off on a rant this past week with regard to Covid response and population density and how that needed to play a much bigger factor in response to Covid.

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