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Day 1 Quarantine in Shanghai

Awake until 7:00pm. Up at 2:00am. Will try and progressively stay up later and wake up later. Being on the other side of the world means my clock is 100% backwards. Actually, my stepdad Stephen woke me up with a phone call. I didn’t mind at all. It was good to hear his health update. It’s been shaky for a few years and he has a big procedure next Tuesday. Bladder tumor that eventual turned from benign to malignant. I’ll be thinking of him quite a bit until I get another update.

Here’s my first quarantine room.

It’s nice and clean. Small, but everything I might need including 60 channels in Mandarin and one news channel in English (with a heavy British accent). Thankfully I can stream a lot using my VPN and multiple streaming services. HULU looks like the only one that won’t work, and just when I was getting into The Orville. Seth McFarland has done something cool combining the original Star Trek concept with modern day issues and controversial topics. I guess I’ll have to settle for cowboy sex and violence in Yellowstone. It’s mindless entertainment by comparison. Tons of outright felonies committed one after another. There’s so many people dying in Bozeman that it goes beyond what’s believable.

The routine in quarantine will work around three daily meals and Covid testing.

7:00am breakfast

12:00pm lunch

1:00 Covid test

5:00pm dinner

Here’s todays breakfast. The two round white items are like rice dumplings with filling of different types. The bowl had a gelatinous liquid with rice in it. I would call it an equivalent to oatmeal or something very close to it. Overall I’m impressed with the food. Some spicy, some cold and sweet, some a bit bland. Probably worth mentioning the veggies have all been crisp and soaked in butter. Who doesn’t like that?

Finally got hold of mom today. She’s had her ringer on silent and not realizing that I’ve been trying to get through to her. She tested negative for Covid yesterday, but still has the cough and associated phlegm. That was a bit worrisome leaving just as she tested positive.

Intention for the day? Somehow get in yoga and meditation. I don’t have the space in my room for it, but will have to manage. Also, write someone a letter to let them know they’re important to me.

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