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Day 2 at the mall

Aiyun and I had to go back to the mall today to get the dress she wanted. She was interested in a bigger size, but eventually settled on the one she tried on yesterday.

We found a different restaurant today to try. It was in the Xinjiang style. This is the northwest area of China that's in the western media a lot because of the Uyghur people that live there. They are a Muslim minority that have been persecuted by the Chinese government. Persecuted? Well, That depends on who you ask.

Western media likes to say the Muslims there are being herded into concentration camps and they use words like genocide a lot. Chinese state media says this extreme hyperbole and that they treat their group the same as any Chinese citizen that would protest publicly. My guess is the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but there's no way I can know.

Lunch was awesome. I thought yesterdays Korean was good, but this was better.

Dish on the far right was lamb. The crispy skin on it was awesome. The rice dish with beef and cumin was to die for. The tomato and beef dish in the top left was amazing too. Easily one of my favorite meals I've had in China. Makes me want to explore food from the Chinese northeast more.

Another nice day. Made plans to meet again in two weeks in Shanghai. Back to work on Monday...

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