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Day 3 Quarantine in Shanghai

So glad for the InterGoogle. I can still watch winged sprint cars even though I’m on the other side of the world 👍

Wish I could have connected to the big TV in the background, but didn’t want to risk pulling it off the wall to get to the HDMI port.

“Should” be leaving for the Zhejiang province tomorrow to stay in a different hotel for four more days. The “should” is due to not knowing how testing is going for everyone here on the 12th floor. We were brought here as a group from the Shanghai airport. If anyone in the group tests positive for Covid I’m told we’ll be extended here for 7 more days. Fingers are crossed.

UPDATE: It’s Sunday morning at 6:00am. No idea if we’re headed out today. Word came in late last night that there was an “anomaly” in the testing for my flight into Shanghai. Not sure what that means. Worst case scenario I’ll be stuck right here for another week. That would suck pretty bad. The isolation here is starting to get to me a bit. Feeling the “All work and no play make David a dull boy” feeling. Do you know that reference Durk?

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