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Day 4 Quarantine in Jiaxing

About an hour and 20 minute ride on a smallish bus to the new hotel in Jiaxing. Things I noticed on the way…

  • No billboard advertising. Quite literally none.

  • Tough at times to see what’s beyond the highway due to lots of man made or large tree barriers.

  • The Chinese rarely build one large building when they have the opportunity to build eight more just like it in a nice three by three grid. It’s a definite pattern.

  • The immediate services that we see in the USA off of interstate exits (gas stations, restaurants, fast food) aren’t visible from the highway here. Further, there’s no signage on the highway to indicate services of any kind. Where do they get gas!?!?

I still haven’t had the opportunity to try and engage anyone in any form of conversation due to quarantine rules. I’ve had a phone conversation with mom a couple of times and a few friends, but mostly the last four days it’s been like being a monk on a vow of silence.

The new room is much larger. Will have room to practice some yoga tomorrow morning.

Another meal with eyes staring back at me tonight, but the shrimp here was much better than the fish from before.

Commented to Steve today that it’s important that I need to make sure I’m comfortable with me living here before I try to search for any form of a romantic relationship. Obviously then, that’s been on my mind. This past few months has been an odd limbo waiting to depart from Bellingham and forcibly not dating. I met a few women I liked, but my moving disruption made it to odd to try and really engage anyone. “Oh, you’re moving away for two years?” Kind of a first date mood killer. I’m sure I’ll look into dating at some point while living here, but for now my focus will be on school and settling in.

I’ve been looking at my weather app a bunch to check out what sorts of weather I can expect. July is the heavier rain season here, and with it comes lightning. I grew up with lightning storms in Pennsyltucky, and as I type this I’m parked by a window taking in some night sky flashes and booming thunder. I dig watching the atmosphere pulse with a glow waiting for that strike to make the building shake. So awesome.

Yes, this a picture in front of my window in a dark room enjoying the storm. I’m realizing that catching a flash with my phone camera will be impossible.

Or is it???? I got one!!!! Truth be told, I used video and then just took out the one frame. ⚡️⛈⚡️

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