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Day 5 Quarantine in Jiaxing - Get ready to cringe

And now for something completely different…

Both hotels I’ve been had a very similar toilet and shower setup. Side by side just like this pic.

The first toilet had a bidet built into it. The second one? No. Why do I care? This has been one of my major concerns about coming to China. Human rights violations? ** Not so much. Toilets? Yeah. Why? You can’t flush toilet paper here because their plumbing and septic won’t handle it. Sooooooo, where does the toilet paper go? In the garbage can next to the toilet. Seriously? Yep. Having the bidet made a huge difference. I just had my first experience without the bidet. I really really really hope my apartment in Hangzhou has one. If not, an add on bidet will be an investment.

Once you go bidet, you never go back.

In other news, I’m way past boredom. I soooooo want to be outside. Can’t I walk around the block? I promise to wear a hazmat suit. Pretty please? Dang. Only one more full day before I get to be in my own apartment. I have to spend three days inside there too, but at least I’ll start to unpack and visualize how I want to modify my new home with stuff. I can’t wait to unpack. Im tired of looking at these open yet unpacked bags.

** A quick note about human rights violations. Yes, I do care. I’ve learned a bit about the Uyghurs in northwest China. Some of the rhetoric surrounding their treatment sounds pretty bad, but I have a hard time thinking the Chinese government is any worse than the US government in the way minorities have been treated there. I can’t call it a moral equivalency in the present, but if you shift timelines they match up well. If society here in Asia lags behind other developed countries I feel that’s understandable. As China develops economically I believe we’ll see a shift towards better treatment of minorities eventually. I have a hard time judging the Chinese without first turning that introspection towards my own government. If the US is a mature economy, then China certainty is only a juvenile one. Well, that’s my perspective.

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