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Day 6 Quarantine in Jiaxing - Looking forward and back

OMG. I’m so happy that this is my last day and night before I get to be in Hangzhou.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Riding a bike and exploring Hangzhou.

  • Eating in random small restaurants and trying different cuisine.

  • Engaging strangers and hearing their stories.

  • Walking on The Great Wall.

  • Seeing the throne where Pu Yi sat in The Forbidden City.

  • Touring a longjing tea plantation.

  • Seeing a nighttime show on the water at West Lake. Like this…

  • Making new friends among the staff at my new school.

  • Finding the perfect gifts for all of my family and friends.

  • Starting from scratch with a new curriculum and getting creative in all facets of teaching.

Things I’m really going to miss:

  • Moira, Kaleb, and Arthur. The dinner we had the night before we left was special to me. Thanks for that.

  • Missing all those first time events for Arthur.

  • My pupper dawg Russo, the Duder MacGruder. I’ve woke up this week and was bummed you weren’t here.

  • Golfing with Steve. We golf together a lot, but he’s really more of a life caddie.

  • Crib with Durk. You’re such a classy loser and gifted trash talker.

  • Quoting movies with Brian and rehashing Peninsula College memories.

  • Getting neck hugged by Tony. Actually, that sucks but I still love ya.

  • Live winged sprint car races and engaging drivers in the pits.

  • Sharing my true thoughts with my little sister Marni. You’re such a good listener. I’ve learned a lot from you there.

  • My colleagues at Meridian. I have lots of respect for so many of them. They make me want to be a better teacher.

In other news, I’m getting into the pattern of being asleep around 8:00pm and waking up between 3:00am and 4:00am. I would like to stay up later, but I feel exhausted and have to crash. This will be a lot easier if I have someone to interact with. Anyone. I’m going to get all clingy with the first person I engage. This isolation is a bit maddening. Got to use WhatsApp to connect with several friends today. Warmed my heart.

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1 Comment

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Jul 30, 2022

Your a Rock Star my friend/brother! There's nothing classy about losing a cribbage game-it hurts and every time I lose a small fury kitten dies (yes, it is that tragic)... ya throw in getting double skunked! Well, now then Unicorns and their small off spring just stop existing... yes, I am fantastic loser when I'm beaten in 9 moves in chess, when I don't pass a low level math exam, and when I can't come up OR recognize a Godfathers quote (from any of the franchise), but as you may have surmised --- when it comes to crib-that's personal :) ---Now! that trash talking comment?! I have absolutely no clue as what you are talking about... Let me think... hm…

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