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Day 9 Quarantine in Hangzhou - Last full day in Quarantine

One…more…day. So hard for me to not just sit in front of a screen and eat. I was fortunate that Angela from HR was able to get me a yoga mat. A couple consecutive days doing a yoga routine helps the body a ton. It also helps the spirit getting in a good meditation as well. That keeps me focused on what I want and who I want to be. Every session feels like a reoccurring theme. Make others around me feel better and I’ll feel better about myself. In those moments when I put that into practice I can feel myself glow with satisfaction.

Covid test today. One more negative and I’m in the clear. Can’t wait to start reaching out to my new colleagues. Having lunches together or just having someone to sit and talk with sounds awesome. Ten days of isolation is plenty for this introvert. More than plenty. I think it was around day three I realized I can’t live without interaction. I’m not a person that could go off into the wilderness and be alone.

As I sit here and wait for that test I’m reading a book Moira bought for me (Thanks Pnut!) for the third time. Super informative about having a better understanding of Chinese society. If the United States is a melting pot, China is the exact opposite. It’s about uniformity and their focus is on assimilation if you’re going to live here. One of us, one of us, one of us… I won’t mind giving it a try. Everyone here has a station and purpose. Social harmony is achieved by everyone knowing their station and learning the proper behaviors associated with that station. It sounds great as long as stations aren’t predetermined. They use their education system as a vehicle to attaining a higher station. A meritocracy.

And of course I have sprint car racing on my computer screen.

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