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Dear readers

I got nothing new. I'm feeling pressure to share. To write. To be entertaining. It's pressure I put on myself, but there's a subtle reminder that doesn't help me with this. Everytime someone hops onto my website I get a pop up notice on my phone along with a note that tells me where they're accessing from. If they're a registered member it tells me who it is. I know it's Michelle if the notice comes from Ireland. I know it's beer5 if I see Fort Mill, South Carolina, or at least that's who I think it is. Steve and Moira in Bellingham, Marie in PA, Kari in Maryland, Aiyun in Wuxi. It's a long list now.

I think about sharing the mundane. All those little moments that make up a nothing sort of day. What was for lunch today? How did my classes go? What did Aiyun and I talk about on the phone last night? These thoughts ramble through my consciousness, but fall short of my selfmade requirements. I hope for something meaningful and culturally relevant. I'm living on the other side of the world in China. IN CHINA! It's been over a year now and that's still a daily realization. That's pretty freakin cool. I'm very happy I've come here for the experience. I'm very happy to have made so many new work friends and learned about teaching in a different environment. I'm very happy I've met Aiyun. Honestly, she's been the best part of the whole thing. That's saying a lot. As a younger man I never hesitated when asked where I would like to travel to. It was always China.

Looking ahead I'll have some things to share later this week. First golf practice with the kids will be Thursday after school this week. The plan for now is to make it a fortnightly (every other week) event. First big tournament was to be in early November, but the dates are changing on that. Still waiting on official word there. This coming weekend I'll be headed to Wuxi to spend the weekend with Aiyun at her place. I think a day of watching movies and playing cribbage is in the works there. Hoops practice will start in less than two weeks. That will be three nights a week (Mon Wed Fri). Practice is only ninety minutes long. I wonder how a Whatcom County high school head coach would respond to that? Likely not well. So much more sports pressure back in the states. Lastly I've got a huge trip planned in January to Harbin. So stoked for that adventure. As a teaser, check out this pic.

All this rambling so I could finally get to the point today. Thank you, readers. Thanks for sharing my journey. Thanks for tuning in and showing an interest. It means a lot to me to have you along for the ride.

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