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Dental visit

I haven't been to a dentist in a year. I've got a benefit here through my school and took advantage of it. It's a 3500 RMB yearly reimbursement (about $500 USD) for dental and vision. I asked around and got a recommendation for a dentist. Super nice place. 16th floor of a building in one of the nicer places in the city. Wonderful views out the windows to the Continental Hotel and convention center next to the river. It's the giant gold ball hotel in Hangzhou.

Got my teeth cleaned and had a checkup. All good. I've been trying to be super careful with my teeth brushing and flossing regularly since I've arrived in China. Wasn't sure if I would be visiting a dentist while here. I thought about a cleaning while home this summer in Bellingham, but opted to use my benefit here in China. The cost of my cleaning and checkup was just under $100 USD. Not bad. It would have been double that back in the states. And the dental office? It was sort of fancy...

I don't know how old the office was, but it all felt new. I've got a bunch of money left to use in dental and vision and I'm debating how to use it. While I was home I got a new pair of backup glasses. Sooooooo, I'm thinking about doing a teeth whitening thing. I feel sort of weird about it. Like it's vain. I don't know. I've got some time to consider it. The cost here is a lot less than back in the states.

Looking forward to my weekend. Aiyun is coming here to Hangzhou and I'm hosting another ladies night for poker. I did it once last year and it was a fun evening. I enjoy dealing poker and teaching the game to a new group. Not sure what we'll do on Saturday. I've got some ideas. The weather will be good, so some form of outdoor adventure feels right. Maybe West Lake. Maybe dinner out on the town. We'll do something fun and I'll be sure to grab some pictures.

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