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Dinner with the boss again

Had dinner with the superintendent and his wife along with two other teachers at an interesting estate outside the city. It had tons of 1940s and 50s artifacts like old cars, type writers, and other interesting items. Place was called Ciao Uncle.

That’s the boss Jeff on the left and Paulo on the right. He’s a learning support specialist. Has spent the past few years in the UK. Patrick Hendricks joined us as well. He’s a big football fan. Played D3 football in Wisconsin and is an actual Green Bay Packers stock holder. It sounds like we have a guy named Lawrence that runs a fantasy football league here. I think I’m getting roped into that.

Our upper level PE teacher Jaime is about to join me for a drink. Having a good time meeting so many new teachers. He’s a potential golfing buddy. I’m excited for our inservice work to start middle of the month.


OMG. I’m such a moron. DRINK MORE WATER YOU FLIPPIN STOOPID. My head hurts. Bad. Real bad. I think I drank more wine last night than perhaps I ever have. Not smart, but damn, we had a fun evening. The wine at dinner was a red from Chile. It was served unusually warm, but had a different zing to it that was hard to describe. More of a bite. Perhaps a higher alcohol content as well. Anyway, I drank most of that. We followed that up with a red from France. Again, I think I drank most of that. I kept trying to fill everyone’s glass before filling mine, but it felt like I was the only one putting it away.

Got back to the old campus and met up with Jamie the PE teacher. Cracked another bottle of red and he had beers. His wife Gabby and their boy Eddie had already crashed. Must have been about 9:30. As we’re chatting Tia Moen the drama teacher and her husband Jeremy are coming up the stairs and joined us. Jeremy does voice acting and is into…racing! Tia and Jeremy are from Texas and have been in China since just before Covid hit. It was fun asking Tia about her plans for productions in the new school. She’s hoping to run a musical in the spring and a play in the fall. Not a fan of Shakespeare. That was surprising. Seeing her passion for her job was cool while describing her ideas for the year. That was awesome to make contact with a potential golfing buddy and racing buddy all in one night. Jeremy, Jaime, and I stayed up until about 1:00am hanging out.

Up early and headed to the same breakfast buffet that I went to with Matt yesterday. Good people watching opportunity and the food is solid. Super cheap to boot. Spent less than $3 today and I’m full.

The 360 Knoxville Nationals are getting ready to start. Time to put my head on a pillow and relax while watching some races while the reminder to drink more water slowly dissipates. Missing my crib and racing buddies this morning.

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