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Double screen power

Up this morning to watching two items on TV. Seahawk preseason game at Pittsburgh and the Knoxville Nationals on the computer.

I’ve been invited to be in a fantasy football league. I helped Jackie run a team in her family league a few years ago. But haven’t had my own team for quite a few years. This should be fun. I was fairly serious about it for about twenty five years. I’ll never go down that road again. I’ve got other things I would rather invest my time into. That said, I don’t think I’ve missed a down of a Seahawk game since the early eighties.

I’ve invested my time back into watching sprint cars. My happiest memories from childhood were at the race track. My two favorite drivers start side by side in the fourth row tonight in the big finale. Both Brent Marks and Daryn Pittman are humble men that I root for. Would be super cool to see one of them compete for the win. Marks likely has a better chance to move forward. Odds are that returning champion Kyle Larson (sorry Durk) has to be the favorite. He will be starting on the pole tomorrow in the NASCAR cup race after qualifying earlier in the day today. The dude flies from one track to the other to race on the same day.

Fingers crossed that replacing a battery in my bike is good fix and prevents it from falling out. Planning on gathering with some other new staff for a late night ride after the sun drops. The company I bought it from brought me a replacement battery. Initial tests are good. Time will tell.

Just got a note letting me know that I have to move out and into a nearby hotel. They need this space for a new comer that has to quarantine. And it’s going to be a while before I can move into my apartment on campus. Uuuuuugh. The living out of a suitcase thing really sucks. At a minimum I’ve been able to do laundry. Not sure if that will be true in the near future. When I go outside I sweat so much I burn through three sets of clothes a day.

On a positive note, I got invited to dinner at 5:00 at Angelo’s. It’s a decent Italian place nearby. Probably hit that and then a sunset bike ride afterwards.

Dinner was great. I didn’t eat anything because I didn’t get the invite until after I had already ate. Met several new teachers. Stayed and talked so long that I

Missed my sunset, but still got the ride in with Tia, Jeremy, Alyssa, Axel, and Ruth. It’s not a sunset, but I did get a shot of the moon. Axel has a mega expensive touring bike. He would like to make a trip around West Lake and asked if I was up for it. You bet.

Final event of the evening. I’ve been buying a lot of fruit at local fruit markets on the neck block. Crazy good and fresh stuff. They have these grapes that are to die for. Huge, sweet, and seedless. Just realized tonight that I’m paying about $18 for a bunch of them. Well, almost all of the food has been crazy cheap.

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