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Driving range

I've been longing for the golf course. Getting to one with the clubs wouldn't be hard, but walking up cold and not speaking the language would being a challenge. I've got a few interested parties to join me, but most want to wait until we get into a groove at school and the weather chills a bit. The heat index is still close to 90 with the humidity.

What's a hacker to do? Find a driving range. There a few around including some indoor golf simulators nearby. I'm going to brave one that looks more like a top golf just to get some swings in. Bringing my clubs in a taxi will be a challenge, but it's what I have to do if I want to smash some driver. Onward ho!

Well, here's what happened. First, the pics.

A very nice range. Really a fitness club with a fancy range. As I had guessed it was very similar to a two story Top Golf. You could order food and drinks from the range area. It was about $50 usd per hour.

The machine that delivered balls to the tee was sweet. Check this out.

Of course I've had the golf swing on my mind for two months without taking any full swings. I was hitting smooth baby draw irons right out of the gate. I'm like, "I so have this down. I rule". And then I pulled the driver. The gentle caress on her grip was like reuniting with a lost lover (Yeah, maybe I should get a room). And then I destroyed the first one. It was gone, like, as far as I can hit it gone. As I watched that first thunderbolt drift into oblivion I was lost in admiration. Seriously. Weight was forward. Perfect balance up on the right foot toes. A thing of beauty. It's the swing that makes you come back. It didn't matter that nobody else saw it. I did, and it was satisfying. It's what happens when we put balls in holes. Don't we love golf for all that inuendo? Damn straight.

So then I snap hooked a few to pull me back into reality, but damn, that was fun. Steve, I missed you today most of all. Wish you were here today, or I was there. Love you, bro.

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Sep 14, 2022

Ah yes. Technology. Letting us stand and watch while it does things we could do ourselves with minimal effort.


Dude, miss you every day I'm at the course. Also miss checking in at school in the mornings. I'm thinking you could hit it to the end of that range!

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