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Driving range 2: Let’s get social

I signed up using WeChat to join a group hitting the same driving range I went to last time. They are called "Crazy Fit". Yes, like they excercise together. It's a huge group and they try to do some fun stuff too. Today was a driving range. Many had never hit a golf ball before.

We had two bays from the top deck. This first picture tells you a lot about this driving range...

Yeah, thats a giant formal dining table that's set for us to eat together afterwards. That didn't happen, but we had a great time and I met some new people. There was a local professional who gave a quick lesson to the group, and it was done very well. I was impressed.

The pro abandoned us soon after and everyone was like...what next. Let's put some balls in holes! Wait. This is just the range. Let's smash the driver! Umm. No. That wouldn't a good idea either. Everyone took turns and I tried to help as much as possible. I got many thanks me for my help. Totally worth it. It's the high I get from being a teacher. I didn't get to hit many, but when I did it showed that I was thinking about my posture and positions quite a bit. I was spot in with my irons and hit some killer drives.

When our hour was up one of the gals (Jasmine) wanted to hit more. She invited some others and myself down to the lower level "her treat". We hit balls for about an hour and I was recruited to give her friend Doris from Beijing a lesson. I met Dhia, Holly, Igor, Michael, Jasmine, Helen, Louise, Anita, and Sasa. I made some contacts. Several had enough fun that they want to do it again as a group. A couple were interested in getting to a golf course eventually and I hope that pans out. This was a big step for me. I'm glad I took it. I think of myself as socially awkward. I did what was necessary to try and make more friends. I don't think I'm struggling there because I have some that were handed to me on a platter at school and our apartments, but I made some more contacts into the city. That's a stretch for me and I'm feeling proud. Ouch. That hurts at this age when you pat yourself on the back.

Here's a gaggle of pictures including me giving Doris a quick putting lesson. Of course she hit a 10 foot putt about 100 feet on her first try. Fun times.

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Do most in the group speak English? Seems like a wide variety of ages, is that accurate?

David Shick!
David Shick!
Oct 03, 2022
Replying to

Yes, most speak English to some degree. Yes, a wide variety of ages, but I'm certain I was older than all of them. It's hard to tell with some of the women. Could be 25. Could be 45.

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