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Drugs! Day 2

Currently sitting in a waiting area to see a doctor that I'll struggle to communicate with before I get sent to the Needle Room. That's where I'll get my infusions via IV. When I showed up at the hospital today I got put in line. It's been fifty minutes and my name has moved up the list about half way. I'm not complaining. Yesterday when I showed up in pain and struggling to breathe I was sent to the front of the line. I feel fine today. Just need to wait on my drugs.

Drugs are strictly controlled here in China. Rarely do they provide patients with a bottle of pills and instructions on when to take them. They don't even sell acetaminophen or ibuprofen in stores. For an antibiotic you have to come back to the hospital and get your medication via IV. They don't do pills. Yeah. I believe I'll be back tomorrow too. It's been exactly an hour now. I'm about ninth on the list. At this rate I'll be seen in about an hour and a half. Then I'll have to sit for at least an hour to get my medication through an IV.

The list went much faster in the second half and I got in after about a seventy minutes wait. The first doctor took one look at me and said "English?". Yepper Doodle. He grabbed my paperwork and carted me down the hall to Dr. Wang who speaks a lot more English than most.

Dr. Wang wanted to know what was wrong with me. I told him what I know, which wasn't much. All I know is I'm to be here for my second round. He looked through my paperwork and shipped me off to the cashier to pay for todays drugs. Next? Needle Room.

The nurse assigned to stick me had a tough time. She tried the back of both hands before finding the right spot in my arm. More blood on my clothes. Wouldn't be a trip to the ER without blood on my clothes.

The first attempt in my right hand was uncomfortable. The second in my left hand was pretty bad. She was digging around with the needle looking for the right spot. There were many attempts. Eventually she settled on my right arm and the third go was a success. Dr. Wang determined that I need three bags of stuff tonight. Still not sure what I'm getting here. I'll have another contact with Dr. Wang after my three hours of sitting here. Hoping he can clear up some questions for me. Unlikely at this point, but I'll try. This situation was a risk I took in coming here. It's not like I can get pissed because only a few people in the hospital here speak English. I'm doing my best to believe they all have best intentions and take some pride in their work. I felt like I was dying yesterday. Today I'm feeling much better.

Met with Dr. Wang after my three hours of getting drugged up. I used my phone to translate the paperwork on todays drugs. Antibiotic, a drug that aids antibiotics with a specific infection, and another that I couldn't figure out. I think a steroid. He confirmed my guesses. Then he did me a solid. He prescribed pills for me so I don't have to go back. Thanks Big W. My new favorite doctor. Bonus, he said my kidney stone is there, but very small. I will pass it and probably not know it. He said the concern only needs to be with the infection. Looking forward to NOT going back for more slow drips into my bloodstream.

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