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Dumplings and comedy

I got together today with my friend Jane and her daughter Annie to make dumplings. It's a family tradition here in China during the New Year celebrations to gather and make dumplings. I'm a virgin dumpling maker, but Jane told me I did a good job. We made these from scratch. They were so much better than the ones I've had delivered or had from a small food stand. Not too greasy and made with fresh ingredients. We chopped up our own pork and chives. So good. I could easily see how gathering around a table with friends and family folding those little suckers together over a couple hours is precious to families. It's mindless work that leads to conversations about what you're up to and plan to do in the future.

Yes, Annie is that much of a character. It was a fun day. Annie had a blast playing in the new HIS playground. It was easy to see Jane's heart filled by seeing her smiling and laughing daughter.

Got to Wade's bar with Jeremy for a standup comedy show later at night. Jeremy works as a voice actor and both of the guys doing their routines are good friends from his time in Beijing. There was also a local young Chinese woman that severed as the host and did some short bits before and between the two guys. We arrived early and got to hang out a bit with both Donnie and Kay.

That was a busy Saturday, but a fun day. Looking forward to joining my friend Ivy for a hike near West Lake today after my Chinese language class. My language class is taught by a colleague named Paul. He's from Liverpool in the UK. Interesting to see an older white dude with a thick British accent that teaches Chinese language in China. I need to sit down with him over coffee and get his full story some time soon.

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