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Dust Were-Bunny

Spent about four hours cleaning this morning. I have to say Moira and Kaleb have done an okay job keeping my house intact and clean, but of course we have different standards of what clean means. Further, I moved a lot of couches and furniture. This was the first pass using a broom.

Dust bunny? A bit more extreme than that I think. Let's go with dust werebunny. I also spent about an hour cleaning the cleaning tools. It gave me solid evidence that they have really tried to use the vacuum and Rosie my robot vacuum to keep the floors cleaner, but each was super packed with hair and needed some maintenance. No problem. All good. Cleaning is sort of therapeutic as well, so I didn't mind.

I tried to get out on the golf course again for nine holes this afternoon, but there was a tournament in progress. Maybe try again tomorrow.

Had a nice video chat with Aiyun. I was going to sleep and she was having her lunch break. Having her fifteen hours ahead makes it tough to send good morning and good night messages. Whatever. Was nice to see her and hear her voice.

Dinner with Brian and Tony at a local bar. They try to get together once a week. Made plans for the coming weekend. Golf, Cribbage, Steaks, and sprint cars. It's good to be me.

I'm noticing more and more that I don't prefer to drink alcohol. It's become the rare occasion. Water and iced tea work better for me. Just not my thing. Beer was never to my taste, and harder spirits taste like burning (Moira gets credit for that line). I've noticed that if I do drink it tends to be in excess, and waking up with a hangover sucks.

I've got a healthy list of chores for tomorrow.

  1. Mow the front yard (and maybe the back)

  2. Replace the front door lock and handle

  3. Pen for filling in spots on my hardwood floors

  4. Play nine holes

  5. Get my golf grips replaced

  6. Contact a few more people to make plans for a visit

  7. Dinner with Moira, Kaleb, and Arthur (Indian food!)

Healthy list. I've discovered butter chicken and nan bread in China. Yeah, it's not from China, but sooooo good.

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JP Singh
JP Singh
Jul 13, 2023

Good Luck with the indian food Mr Shick!

and yeah, Indian food is just awesome.


Jul 11, 2023

If you ever want to make na'an let me know. I've got a killer recipe.

It's rough having summers off but we do what we have to in order to survive, amiright? 😁

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