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Duty free lunch?

One of our sacred tenets at my old school was a duty free lunch every day. I sure miss that now. Every teacher at our school is required to sign up for three 15 minute "duty" times during the week. There's an theme to this that I'm not used to. No student is to be unsupervised on campus, ever. Well, I guess the bathrooms are unsupervised. Speaking of those, I saw a weird dynamic last year at my old school that I'm seeing here too. It's not near as many here, but there a couple of students hiding in the bathrooms. I know they aren't vaping here. Just not wanting to go to class for whatever reason. Super weird. It's a couple of 9th grade boys. They have issues, and wealthy parents.

Two of my duty times are at the end of lunch on Monday and Tuesday. I get 15 minutes to eat and then I have 15 minutes of supervision duty on the fourth and fifth floors. I just roam and keep an eye on anyone there. I can actually just roam the fourth floor (my classroom floor) and see up to the fifth at the same time. I picked a good one. There's rarely anyone there.

I have cafeteria duty during the last fifteen minutes of lunch on Thursday. I hang near the exit of the large lunch room and make sure nobody takes food or drink from the cafeteria. It not difficult, but a bit of a pain to have my lunch only be fifteen minutes three times a week. I have an open period on two of them so I can go to lunch a bit earlier. That's not so bad, but the one day where I have just a handful of minutes sort of sucks.

I've been eating lunch everyday. That's a change for me. In the past I snacked all day at my desk. Lunch time was more prep time. Now I make sure I sit with other teachers in the lunch room every day. Another change is that teachers here eat with the students in the same cafeteria. I like it. I've had days where I've sat with some students too. Families have meals together, so I don't mind.

Nobody pays for lunch. It's part of the tuition, and teachers eat for free too. It's just a perk. There is a hot lunch each day offered, a sandwich bar, and also a salad bar. I have the salad every day with whatever options are available. Generally hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, broccoli, and assorted greens. Throw some ranch dressing on it and I'm eating healthier. I'll usually grab a small plate of chopped apples and watermelon too.

Final thought. At times it feels like this private school goes cheap on things that might surprise. Text books too that list. No teachers edition and no support materials. Currently I have to scrounge the web for extra materials or make things from scratch. It takes a lot of time. I don't want to complain. This was part of why I wanted to leave my old job. I wanted to get creative again. That said, I'm spending so much time just trying to stay afloat I don't really feel like I have time to get creative.

Looking forward to five days off starting this weekend. It's a national holiday this coming week.

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What are your plans for the long weekend? Are you situated well enough to venture outside of the area you live or do you plan on exploring your area more?

Me gusta
David Shick!
David Shick!
28 sept 2022
Contestando a

A bit of both I hope. I really want to get east of the Qiantang River and see some of the large tea plantations. Thinking about a day excursion on my bike.

Ye has offered to take me along on a day trip to Suzhou near Shanghai. She has something to do up there and thought I might want to tag along.

Me gusta
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