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Earlier morning (time for some football)

Up at 1:00am to watch the Seahawks game. 10:00am start in Seattle and 15 hours ahead. Yeah, I'm that dedicated. Bizarre to watch them lose last week when we expect them to slaughter the Rams. Even more bizarre to see them somehow win today in Detroit when we expect them to get slaughtered. Nice to stay in touch with Brian during the game exchanging texts. Here was my favorite. My texts are in blue.

Yeah, he's a better fan than I am. He just cares more. Or at least he doesn't mind showing it. This has always been the case with my demeanor and sports. I care a lot, but I don't wear my emotions on my sleeve. I've watched every down of every Seahawks game since I moved to Washington in 1981. That's 42 years without missing a play. I remember all sorts of weird plays and moments. Here's some of my favorites...

  1. I knew I was really a Seahawks true fan when I watched them get curb-stomped by the 1980 Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving day. A 51-7 loss on National TV. I still lived in Pennsylvania surrounded by Steeler fans. Pittsburgh owned the NFL at that time. The Seahawks sucked, but I was going to be in it for the long haul. Things would get better.

  2. The 1983 team that upset Dan Marino in Miami before losing to the the hated Raiders in the AFC title game was my first happiest memory as a Seattle fan. Dave Krieg took over for Jim Zorn and led an improbable playoff run. The original Curt Warner was a dynamite play maker and the defense led by Kenny "The Enforcer" Easley was dominating.

  3. The 1988 revenge tackle by Steve Largent on Mike Harden. I could try and tell you the story, but clicking on this link is worth it. It's a tale of justice being served.

  4. Cortez Kennedy and the best defense in the NFL that nobody remembers. The 1991 Seahawks still had Dave Krieg as a serviceable NFL quarterback. The 1993 Seahawks drafted Rick Mirer and he showed some great promise breaking a lot of NFL records for a rookie. The between year of 1992 Seattle had one of the most pathetic embarrassing offenses to ever hit the field. Statistics bare this out as not hyperbole. They scored 140 points in 16 games. Led by the trio of Kelly Stouffer, Stan Gelbaugh, and Dan McGuire they combined for 9 passing touchdowns and 24 interceptions. How on earth did they win two games? They scored 26 points in their two wins (combined). They scored less than 10 points in 8 of their 16 games. Their high output of the season was 17 points. Tommy Kane was the leading receiver with 27 receptions and 3 receiving touchdowns. According to BleacherReport this was the fourth worst NFL offense of all time. How on earth does a defense that's never getting a rest keep opponents to less than 20 in 11 out of 16 games? Cortez Kennedy was the NFL defensive player of the year that season. 14 sacks as a defensive tackle. He was a monster in the middle. If this defense would have had anything near an average offense they would have competed for a title. In my opinion the best defense nobody remembers. Yeah, I watched every down of painful football. It was during the middle of a 20 year span when Seattle didn't win a playoff game. It was a long wait.

  5. The 2005 NFC playoff game against Carolina that put the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. They put linebacker DD Lewis on the incredible Steve Smith to hit him at the line of scrimmage every play. Behind the Lewis was corner back Ken Lucas. Seattle destroyed the Panthers that game. Fun fact: Ken Lucas signed a free agent contract to play with Carolina in the offseason. Steve Smith broke Lucas's jaw during practice when they got in a fight in the preseason. I've always preferred the tall giant receivers, but Smith was one of my favorites even thought he was tiny. He opted to play like a 900 pound gorilla. Dude was seriously tough.

  6. The 2013 Super Bowl. We had a house full of friends watching the game that became a major blowout. I rewatched this game last night. The "Legion of Boom" defense was just plain violent. Bam Bam Kam Chancellor was the true MVP of that team, it's heart. The vicious hits he put on Bronco receivers early in that game set the tone. Denver had no chance after the first quarter. I remember Nancy nervously rubbing my elbow (how did that weirdness ever start?) before she passed out and missed the post game celebrations.

  7. The Beastquake in 2010. Seattle posted a losing record in Pete Carroll's first season (7-9). Fortunately, they played in the abysmal NFC West. Seattle got to host a playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. Nobody gave Seattle much of a chance, but the home field advantage gave the Seahawk faithful hope. Nearly every Saints defensive player got a hand on Marshawn Lunch as he rumbled over, around, and through New Orleans on one of the most iconic plays in NFL history. A 67 yard touchdown run that has it's own Wikipedia page, Beast Quake. The wild fan reaction was so intense by the Seahawk fans that it registered on the Richter scale. Have a peak at history from the perspective of the most geeky...

I'm certain if I sat here at my computer for a while longer more memories would stream into my mind. In 84 the Seattle defense had 4 pick-six TDs in one game against the Cheifs. Weirdly enough Seattle returned the favor when when Krieg and Zorn combined for 6 interceptions a few weeks later in a blowout loss to the same Kansas City team. How about the Derrick Thomas 7 sack game where he nearly had his 8th, but instead Krieg slipped free to throw the game winning TD to Paul Skansi. Oddly enough, I got to meet Skansi when I was in high school. I graduated from his alma mater. He returned to play in a basketball game against us when I was a senior. He plowed me when I tried to take a charge. Big mistake. That dude was a pile of bricks and I was a stick.

Oh the memories... Good times.

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