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Early morning

Up and showered at 4:00AM. Hitting the golf course today and hoping it doesn't hit back. I had a range session last week and was snapping everything hard left. Don't matter though. Just going to be glad to get out on a course and hit some good shots and some bad ones as well. Not sure if I'll have any playing partners today. Might just be me and a caddy. Planning on teeing off around 6:00AM. Taxi ride will be about 40 minutes. Why so early? Teeing off before 7:00AM is the cheapest of the day. After my wild spending splurge (vacation) this past summer I need to have a couple of months where I'm more careful. I can get about $500 USD worth of my golf paid for by my school through a wellness benefit, but I'll do that later this year when money isn't so tight. I'll need to pay for that all at once. That will be about three rounds. I'm certain I'll play at least that amount over this school year.

Today I got Jenny again as my caddie. I was shocked that she remembered my name. As soon as she saw me walking to the cart she said "David Shick" and gave me a nice smile. She was very helpful with the round lining up putts. She knows every break on the greens and a few times I was glad I trusted her read. I didn't make any long putts, but it was nice to have tap-in pars as opposed to five foot testers. I shot 40-42 for an 82. All four of the boagies on the front could have been pars. Felt like I was playing very well. Was great with the driver on the front nine, but hit a couple of horrible ones on the back leading to two doubles. Otherwise five pars on each side. Shot of the day was getting up and down out of this bunker. Thanks to Jenny for the pic.

I was alone for the first nine holes. Played that in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Ended up joing three other players to complete the back nine. That was just over two hours. Nice dudes. Not much conversation, but many "Hao cho" and smiles. That means good shot. Always nice to play with supportive players. I try as much as I can to cheer for my playing partners.

Got my second acupuncture treatment tonight. I felt good getting out of bed this morning. It's usually the morning where I feel the tightest and most sore. After playing 18 holes this morning I was feeling great. As long as I'm more active my neck does well. If I get sedintary I stiffen up and hurt a bit. Don't know if it's treatments, or playing golf, or just time. Whatever. Feeling better and I'm happy about that.

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