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End of semester 1

Not really half way through the school year. There's no equity when it comes to balancing things out here. Several classes end up getting shorted time in their calendar. And our second semester is much longer than the first. Frustrating for me, but we soldier on.

I've got three solid weeks off, then five weeks back before yet another week off for Chinese New Year. Lots of plans made for the breaks, but some of the plans are a bit up in the air. Weather dependent. I was wanting to golf some, but that might turn into screen golf because the temperature is dropping suddenly this week. Today it was sunny and near 80 degrees. There a a chance for some light snow in the next week. I considered some more travel during this break to better weather, but money might be tight next summer. I need to be planning well over these next six months.

Has it really been a year and a half? Darn close. And only a another six months to go. There's a lot I'm going to miss, but there's a lot I'm looking forward to getting back to. I'll elaborate on these ideas at another time, but I'm feeling totally burned out this week and just wanting to plop on the couch for a couple days.

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