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Finally spent some money

I'm a terrible shopper. Or a great shopper depending on your perspective. I broke down and bought a bed topper and large rug. It's taken me a month to research the crap out of both items. Each was about $200 USD. Yeah, that's super expensive for here.

This bed topper was the thickest squishiest most plush one I could find. I spent many years sleeping on a mattress that was too hard. My ex didn't force it on me. I was too dumb (cheap) to speak up and get a different bed. Sleep number would have been the way to go. Lesson learned.

The rug is my second attempt. It should arrive sometime this coming week. This one is wool, not a picture of a rug printed on foam. Well, I guess the foam thing under my new rug will ad some cushion.

Headed out to dinner tonight. I think it's a fancy place, but I was told to dress casual. It's the Hangzhou International Convention Center. It looks like a giant gold ball. It's fairly iconic as a symbol of the city of Hangzhou.

This is Ye and Charlie. Ye is a vocal music teacher at a nearby college. Her English isn't great, but it's way better than most that live here in Hangzhou, and certainly much better than my limited Mandarin. Her son Charlie is in the 6th grade. He will be turning 11 soon. He's a very bright young man, and a bit of a ham. He's into video games and Marvel movies. I'll post something tomorrow about our adventure this evening. Several cool pics and videos that highlight the Hangzhou sights near the river.

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