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First team golf practice

Our first full team practice was Thursday after school. Three girls and six boys were there. We have several others interested as well. We loaded into a bus and headed to the closest driving range.

This is Athena Ni. She's a star golfer. She officially has a world ranking now as an amateur in the low 900s. Athena just signed a letter of intent to play golf at....(drumroll)... The University of Washington! No kidding! Hoping I will be able to go see her play a round of college golf and then get together for a round sometime. She's got serious game. Outdrives me and it's not close. I "can" hit it 275. She always hits it 275+. And of course she stripes irons with a baby draw on command. We don't really play the same game. Athena and I had a good chat yesterday about being a team captain and what that means. Responsibilities and expectations. She's ready for the burden. On our first night she took a sixth grader and helped her with her first time experience. Grip. Stance. All of it. Looking forward to seeing how her season goes.

We may be able to field a full team of boys. We have six that can already play at a high level. It's not a stretch to say that this group would compete for a state title back in Washington state. Two of the boys (just like Athena) are scratch golfers. They ALL take weekly lessons with pros. Our best boy player (Leo) took second place in the ACAMIS tourney last year as a ninth grader. Leo crushes the driver too.

Our plan is to have a practice activity every other week through the year. Will be tough in the winter during basketball season, but we'll juggle it and manage. The head basketball coach Sean is aware and understands. The plan is for me to be the Xs and Os guy. His job will be motivation. He will work with the guards. I'll take the lost players. I think we'll be a good coaching team.

After practice joined my buddy Matt for dinner. Szechuan barbecue on sticks. Spicy and tasty.

Headed to Wuxi this weekend to be with Aiyun. Not sure of our plans. Might be a lay on the couch and watch movies all day kind of Saturday. Hopefully get a walk in. The weather here now is spectacular for me. Here's our next ten days. Suck it Whatcom County.

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JP Singh
JP Singh
2023년 10월 29일

The golf team there looks awesome, It seems as if golfers there are very dedicated to the game and play to win. I hope we get a match here in washington, would love to see it.


Super cool that Athena will be here in WA. Count me in for a trip to see her play! Maybe we could get some Meridian Girls to go see her next

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