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Four months left

Four months and I'll be heading back to the states. Starting to take stock in things still to do before I leave. A trip to Chengdu and Mongolia are planned. A golf trip to Sanya was supposed to happen with some kids from school for a tournament, but my principal decided that he doesn't want DP (diploma program) teachers missing three days for a golf tournament. No judgment from me. I get it. It's not like I'm actively coaching. They only need a chaperone.

It feels like it's also time to take stock in what sorts of things I've learned about China, and what I've learned about myself. That said, I'm going to procrastinate that line of thought until I get to the very end. There are many aspects about life and work here in a China that I'm going to miss. Both places have their positive aspects. Again, will get into that much later.

I'm also foreseeing some problems with the things I've accumulated while living here. I have an eBike. I have a clothes dryer. I have dishes, pots, glasses, a vacuum cleaner, bedding, a poker table, etc. what to do with all this stuff? I'm sure I'll give a lot of it away. Our school has a WeChat thread dedicated to buying and selling stuff. Not sure if I'll want to deal with that. Probably just easier to give items away. I've got a few friends that have spoken up with regard to a few specific items. Jeremy and Tia would like my dryer. Not sure how I survived without that.

Update on my mom's living situation. I believe we've narrowed in on an adult family home for her on the north side of Lynden. The lady that owns this home met with mom and Moira yesterday and that went well. Next will be for a nurse to do a full evaluation in the next week. Feels like we're progressing towards a positive solution. There are from six to eight seniors that reside in this house. It's got a feel of a home more than a facility like memory care. More expensive than Summit Place, but once Medicaid kicks in this shouldn't be a problem.

Got out and played 18 holes of expensive golf today. Teed off at sunrise to save a few dollars. I've been spending quite a bit of time practicing on our soccer field on a couple of key swing concepts. First and foremost has been my grip. Second has been giving up power for consistency. Walking to the tee box with a "swing to kill" mentality has been my mode for most of my golf life. It's tough to get away from that. Results today were mixed. Didn't keep a score and hit a lot of second shots as it was just me and my caddie the entire round. Teed off at 6:45am and finished in just over two hours. Should be back home by 10:00am.

The golf swing has so many aspects to it that it's near impossible to properly evaluate one aspect. Your grip might be perfect, but if your take away, or weight shift or sequencing has issues you can't really know if your grip is making a difference. I hit some great shots today and got unlucky. That happens. Two massive drives that got a bad result. A chip that nearly went in, but then caught a slope and rolled off the green. Lots of time in the sand off the tee. I've been practicing so much with my sand wedge and only that club because my practice area dictates how much space I have. Not a shocker that the driver was a struggle early on. Lessons learned. Write them down in my notes and look forward to the next round. That might be a month away. Weather was awesome today. Hitting a high near 80 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon, but the next two weeks look much colder. Really looking forward to playing a lot of golf this summer when I return. I miss playing every day for a week. Not sure how my body will handle that. Guess I'll find out.

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