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Up, yoga, breakfast. Just got word that I’m done with quarantine and now carry a green health QR code. I’m now free to move about society. My green code is good for one week. Will have to test again in seven days.

First stop? The bank with Phoebe to set up a new account. Second, switch my new phone number into my name. Third, attach my new bank account to all the necessary apps. Everyone uses WeChat and Alipay for nearly all transactions. Fourth, grocery store later today. Perhaps even venture into a restaurant and just wing it.

Spent a large part of my day with Phoebe. She’s a young lady that works in HR for the school. She’s from the west part of China and came here to live with a friend in Hangzhou leaving her parents and younger sister behind. She’s been here for six years. She doesn’t like doing much outside and prefers to watch movies and read. I can’t say enough about how helpful she’s been guiding me through this whole process of getting here. We Spwnt a few hours getting my bank account set up, setting up all my apps to transfer money, and switching my temporary cell phone plan to my name.

Had to wear a mask in a few places inside. I’m told that it’s up to local businesses, but can expect to mask up in banks and any federal place including most transportation.

Scooters and mad popular here. I see people on scooters way more than bikes. Will have to look into that, but for now a bike appeals me to me so I can get some exercise too. Maybe both?

It’s only noon here. Will update on other ventures from today in tomorrows posting.

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