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Frying pan -> Fire

Yesterday and last night were an adventure for my mom. After returning back to the adult family home she had another meltdown. More paramedics. Back to the hospital. This time she was admitted. She is currently in the CDU (Clinical Diagnosis Unit). They are changing her medications and evaluating. The plan will be to send her back to the same adult family home tomorrow. Her delusion is that she needs to get back to work at the post office. Her boss will be angry. Nobody is able to calm her down. She gets more agitated when anyone tries to talk to her. I was very little help on the phone.

Moira and I had a candid conversation about her Gram this morning. I described how it feels from my end. Specifically that it seems like my mom is already gone and the person that's left is an angry ghost. I've got no judgment on the anger. It has to be terribly frustrating and scary to not remember or recognize things every day. Not being there it's hard for me to know for sure what's really going on, but Moira indicated to me that she's pretty bummed about her Gram not really being here anymore. Moira has been a trooper carting her around when she needs a ride. It was hard for her to describe how their interactions have changed.

The social worker (Care Manager) at the hospital seemed very confident that mom could return to the same home tomorrow. I don't feel so confident. When I asked about a return of the same triggers that has sent her off this week she had to remind me that her dementia means that were probably talking about a whole new adventure each time. Further, she told me the new drug they're putting her on (Seroquel) will have a dramatic impact. That doesn't inspire me. It feels like drugging her into submission. After coordinating with Simran a bit I'm thinking we have a good game plan and notes to talk to her doctor in the morning before they attempt to discharge her. Of course will update if you're following this saga.

On a happier note, Aiyun bought me a nice breakfast along with a mocha from $tarbucks. She's so sweet. Working around starting from the left: mocha, fried corn fritters, spring rolls, tea eggs (that she makes herself), a rice porridge with shrooms and chives, beef dumplings, and baozi (steamed rice bun with veggies inside).

So good. She tells me that I can eat all I want in the morning, but that I have to be careful eating after 5:00 at night. I think she knows what she's talking about. This is sort of a Chinese norm. Lots of overweight people in the states. Not so many amongst the billion here in China.

After a quick stop at Aiyun's dentist we went to Meiyuan park in Wuxi. It's also known as Plum Park. It used to be a private garden 100 years ago. Super popular spot in early March because all the plum trees are blooming. They have over 5000 plum trees and more than 40 varieties. Walking among the flowering trees was very cool. Tons of small white, pink, and red flowers.

It was still pretty cold out today. Close to freezing but we caught a few sunbeams during the day, a little tanghulu (sugar coated strawberries), and some excercise.

We crashed on the couch to watch some movies after lunch. Hoped to just be today and enjoy our time together. Mission accomplished.

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Thinking you all while you navigate through the decisions that are best for all of you and for Aunt Nelda. We love you all!

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