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Fun weekend part 1

Got back out to play ultimate frisbee with the Friday Night Lights gang. I haven't done anything that athletic since last year when I hurt my Achilles tendon. Serious sweat was achieved as it was hot and humid outside. Fun times and glad to walk away from it feeling nothing more than general soreness. This age thing sucks. Just have to know my limitations now.

I delayed my poker game Friday night an hour to accommodate the Ultimate game. Worked well as I had several people that played in both. Good times were had by all at our first full table of the year. I love sending out this picture before the game letting all know the feast is prepared.

Up early Saturday morning and got an offer to visit the Chinese Grand Canyon (Tianmu). Struggled with whether or not to go. The World of Outlaw sprint cars are at my home track of Skagit Speedway this weekend. Always great racing there at our small bullring. Figured I can watch it tomorrow on tape delay. Off to Tianmu with my friends Jeremy and Tia. They're always fun to hang out with. Only wish Aiyun could be there too. I'm sure she would love this small adventure. Looks to be about an hour and a half drive there.

We arrived and tried to enter the park at two different locations. No dice. Both were closed. Our first stop was at a gate that was locked up. We did get out and look around. Say hi Tia!

We walked next to the small river there a bit to check it out. The area looked promising.

There was this dude working at the second entrance that showed us a map and tried to help us out. Here's Jeremy and I talking to him huddled around a phone for translation.

Worst case scenario we had an long interesting drive in their car and got to see some pretty mountainous landscapes.

Did we see something cool today? Tune in tomorrow for Fun Weekend part 2...

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