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Fun weekend part 3

Dinner with the Moen's last night was an adventure. I can't say I got too adventurous, but I ate WAY too much. It caused me to not sleep so well. I was awake at 4:00am. Early enough to watch the UW Huskies stomp Boise State.

Being in the mountains yesterday was fun, but they didn't really seem like mountains. The picture above of Mt. Ranier is what I'm used to when I think of "mountains". We gained some serious elevation yesterday, but no snow and didn't see anything resembling a tree line. These were big hills covered in cedar and bamboo.

Dinner last night? OMG. So good. I ate a ton. Its was a flat fee to enter and there were so many different things to eat I lost count of how many plates I churned through. No dessert, but I did grab a milk tea to take home and put in the fridge. Back home I think it's called bubble tea. So good. See the picture above.

The restaurant had individual hot pot stations for everyone built into the tables. Also a small grilling station in the middle of the table. Your hot pot was filled with water and a few items like ginger and jujube. You would go to the buffet area and bring back plates of whatever you wanted to cook in your hot pot. Grabbed some veggies and mushrooms for mine. All the meats are thinly sliced so they cook pretty fast in your hot pot. Lastly, you create your own dipping sauces at a station for dunking your cooked items in. I generally go with a mix of peanut sauce, sesame sauce, and garlic. I didn't get a good picture of our table, but it had this concept.

They had a ton of random seafood as well. Fish. Crab. Shrimp. Some ready to drop in your hot pot. Some still alive. Yeah. Alive. Okay then. I stuck with eating a small mountain of super thin slices of beef and lamb. So good. I wasn't feeling like getting too adventurous. If you were feeling up to it here's a quick video of some of the stuff they had to offer. Yeah. This is really from our restaurant.

See anything yummy in their? Shark parts? Turtle? Pig brains? I didn't go there. Maybe next time? Maybe not.

After the husky game I watched some sprint car racing back in my old stomping ground of Pennsylvania. The Myerstown Missle Brent Marks continues to tear it up. So fun to watch. Followed that up with races from Skagit speedway. The World of Outlaws are making their lone appearance there this weekend. If I were back home I'm sure I would be there in person.

Got I a bit of a nap in the afternoon. Only five hours of sleep will do that to you. Last event of the weekend? Fantasy football draft. I thought I was going to host this event, but everyone opted to just draft from home via computer. That works. It went quickly. Completed in just over an hour. Here's what I got...

I have to say that the ESPN online draft kills the skill part of this now. You need to know nothing to draft a competitive team. It's done for you if you don't follow the NFL at all. That said, winning in the long run here comes from season management. I would expect several of the teams in this league not to manage well during the season. We shall see. Locked down some Seahawks. That'll be fun to watch my players in Seattle games. My favorite pick? DeVante Parker with my last pick. Won't be surprised to see him produce well above his draft position.

Overall a busy but fun weekend. The next few weekends are planned out as well. Looking forward to more China adventures. Xian on the weekend of the 22nd is in the forefront of my mind. Bring on the Terra Cotta Warriors!

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Sep 05, 2023

Nice team!

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