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Golf Adventure 4: new golfing buddy?

Last time I got on the course I played more than half of the holes with a gentleman named Arvin. He struggled to hit it well. He told me he's been playing for less than a year. I liked his positive attitude and told him I would like to play with him again some time if he was interested.

I reached out to Arvin this past week to let him know I was planning on playing Tuesday this week. He replied that it wouldn't work for him as he was away on business and that Covid was sweeping Hangzhou. However, I got a note from him yesterday asking if I was still planning on Tuesday. Sounds like he's planning on joining me. I really miss playing golf with Steve back home. Finding a good golfing buddy here would be great. I don't care how good or bad another player is as long as they have fun on the course and play fast enough showing respect for the other groups around us.

Planning on leaving my place in the morning around 10:00 shooting for an 11:00 tee time. Super overcast and hazy this morning. Won't be needing sunglasses today. Temperatures are in the low forties at the moment, but no wind to speak of and my app tells me that it should feel like the low fifties during my round. Tiny chance of some sprinkles, but feeling confident I'm in the clear. Touched bases with Arvin and he replied with "ok" a couple of times. Serious language barrier in place when it comes to deep conversations I think. If we play again next week I need to do a better job of learning more about him. Family? Kids? Other hobbies?

Round complete. Here's my card...

Not bad. An embarrassing double on a par three when I chunked a tee shot and put it short in the water. Felt like a round where I should have been in the seventies, but some poor putting killed me again. I had many looks at short birdie putts and only made one of them on a par five. A typical round for me, but a little surprising in that I'm not playing that much. Still killing the driver. Iron game is getting better, but not because of practice. Call it mental practice. I'm thinking about it a lot and that's translating to better play when I am on the course.

Picture of the day? This is the seventeenth green. You have to walk down a small path and across a rock bridge to get to an island green from the back side. It's much smaller than the one at Homestead in Lynden. I think it's my favorite hole on the Lake Hill Course. I know Steve would hate it because it feels like a postage stamp sized green. If you miss it your ball is likely going to be wet as it slopes off on all sides to the water. It's hard to see, but the flag is just behind the first tree right of the path. Making things worse is the tee shot. The fairway has a huge dogleg right at the end of it and it has tons of bunkers just past the 150 markers. You have to be surgical to put a tee shot inside 150 yards, or choose to lay up leaving a long iron into a tough green.

Arvin was great to play with again. He kept our scorecard on a WeChat mini app and shared it with me after. He also bought some dumplings for us for lunch and tipped both our caddies. He was super generous. I'll do my best to repay the favor next week.

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