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Golf outing #2

It's 2:30am. I can't sleep. Too excited to be on the golf course again. It's only going to be Liam and me today. He's my Middle Years Program (MYP) director. Not as many takers this time around. I've got a few students that play regularly, so I'm hoping to get out with one of them soon too.

Last time out I struggled badly with putting. Many three putts. I used to tell the girls on the golf team that every three putt meant that a baby kitten died. I'm responsible for some serious feline slaughter. The greens were very slow and I expect more of the same today. Weather still looks good. It should be in the sixties for our round. Moira told me it snowed back in Bellingham. It hasn't dipped under 55 degrees here yet. I'm told it gets cold, but that's a matter of perspective.

Round complete and headed home in a taxi. We had a great time. Liam got his one par he really wanted. I scored better today and finished on a good note. Played one over par for the final five holes. Hit a few mammoth drives just short of 300 yards. Good times. I didn't even mind finishing with a three putt par to end the round. Ground was fairly wet and greens were super slow. Putted better today too. Shot an 88. Eight pars. No birdies. Not good, but stilll a good time.

Not sure when I'll get out again. I might be by myself now that it's cooling off outside. Perhaps with a student. If not, maybe more of the driving range.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Nov 18, 2022

You need a caddy... just sayin :D


So happy for you! Will need some details, but will get them in What's App. Those apartment buildings are so ominous looking.

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