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Golf practice

I went with three of our boys to play some screen golf tonight. Most of our team weren't interested. We will try to have an outing on a real course on Sunday the 19th later this month.

That's Ethan, Justin, and Leo (from left to right). Some aspects of screen golf are much easier than playing on a course. Everything is lined up for you playing into a screen. Just hit it straight. Further, every lie is perfect hitting off of a mat. I was on fire today playing and scoring better. Only two over par through 14 holes, and then there was a collapse of sorts. See for yourself.

Super fun good times. It wasn't a popular idea with most of the players, but for those of us that went we had a blast. Highlight of the night was Ethan holing out from a fairway.

Basketball practice tomorrow right after school. Going to work on installing offenses right away as kids will have games soon and a full tournament at the start of December. We don't get much practice time, so we have to make the most of what we do have.

Looking forward to a weekend with Aiyun in Wuxi. I think we'll both be a bit burned out from a long week. Some couch cuddling and movies will be in order on Saturday.

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