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Golfing with my friends

Today I got to play Dakota Creek golf course with Tony and Brian. I followed that up with nine more holes with Steve at North Bellingham.

Dakota Creek is a fun course for me. Several holes are very short and oddly shaped making it a challenge. Some of the holes are very short and super easy. It's a quirky eighteen holes. I dig the weirdness. The short distances tend to make people "go for it" and swing to kill. That yields some really poor shots and now then a great shot. I got some of both today including an eagle on number 16. Big thanks to Mike Durkee for joining us and being my caddie today. Having Mike around just seems to help with everyone's attitude.

My usual playing partner is Steve. We've played a ton of golf together over the last ten years. He has a great demeanor on the course. He's competitive and wants to play well, but when he doesn't it's not a big deal. He's always the first to deliver a high five and congrats to a playing partner. I've learned a lot from him. However, he doesn't like Dakota Creek so much. He doesn't go for the weird like I do. It worked out well that he had to work at our home course of North Bellingham today so our gang went to Dakota. When his shift ended I was able to join him for nine more holes. 27 hole golf day? Yeah. I do that.

Steve and I were joined by another player that hasn't been playing that long. Amadeu? I think that was his name. No idea if it's spelled right. He was hesitant to join us at first. I get that mentality. It's intimidating playing with better players when you're just getting started. Steve and I are the perfect pair for this situation. We're light. We're encouraging. We have fun. When Amadeu made birdie on number seven we were both quick to hit him with a high five. That was fun.

Steve and I will join another random pair on Tuesday at North Bell again. I'll play a round with my buddy Jenn down in the Seattle area Wednesday. I've got tournaments to play Friday and Saturday. This is going to be a busy week on the golf course. Good times.

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