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Good Covid News

Huge changes taking place here in China in the coming weeks. Less testing. Less quarantine, and in some cases no quarantine. I got this from my principal Fursey this morning.

We were talking about plans for our upcoming break. He's headed back to Texas in the states. Price for his round trip ticket is $9000USD. Ouch. The cost going is much less than coming. At the moment there aren't that many flights into China, so the cost is ridiculously expensive. $1000 to get to Texas. $8000 to come back to China.

I read this in another news report...

Some experts recently pointed out that it is inappropriate to continue treating COVID-19, a Class B infectious disease with Class A control measures, since the virulence of Omicron has weakened and its fatality rate has decreased despite stronger transmissibility. More than 98 percent individuals infected with Omicron are either asymptomatic or only present mild symptoms. 

I'm told other rules will be changing quickly. My friend Daisy told me today that starting January 9th there won't be any quarantine to enter China. That's a biggie. I would expect there will still be testing involved to get on a plane and such. We shall see. Regardless, it's looking lots like I'll be able to travel a bit during my break. Fingers crossed. 🤞

Here's the short version from CNN...

I don't know the details of this "10 point plan" yet, but I'll be looking into it ASAP.

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1 Comment

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Dec 10, 2022

That would be very cool for you to be able to travel during your break... one of the several reasons you chose China. Pictures of it all!

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