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Good news!

it was a tough night at the poker table. Four hour session of dealing and I never had a hand better than a pair. No straights, flushes, or sets to speak of. Rags rags rags. Fun time dealing and always like to hang with my friends. We had a full table for our last poker night of this school year. Several other people were in and out all night. Will miss my friend Paul as he is headed back to Liverpool for good next weekend. All the other regulars will be returning next school year. Evidence of a fun night?

So what's the good news? My son in law Kaleb is enrolled in the electrical program at Bellingham Tech. The math course has been a real concern for him, but he's worked hard and asked for help from me when he's been stuck. Tutoring from the other side of the planet is a thing. He took his final yesterday and crushed it. So proud of him. I'm glad he's taking advantage of the opportunity to embrace an education to provide for Moira and Arthur. His overall educational experience in high school wasn't a positive one, so I'm happy for him that this has been a better experience.

I've spent the past two mornings watching racing online. I'm missing Dirt Cup at my home track back in Washington and also watching Husets Speeedway in South Dakota. There's a quarter of a million dollar race to win there tomorrow. Should be a good one. Mike and Tony have been sending me pictures and I've actually caught a glimpse of them on the TV.

Aiyun and I are baking apple pie this afternoon. Handing a friend a slice warms my heart. Here's the result from our hard work.

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Jun 24, 2023

I drove past Skagit Speedway the other day and they had big signs out saying "Cancelled due to rain". So there's that.

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