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Good news! Onto Zhejiang

There was a positive Covid test for someone on the flight across the north Pacific. Yeah, that’s good news? Not so much, but the good news is that it was just a single day added to the Shanghai quarantine. Will be moving on the Zhejiang province tomorrow morning. Better news, I will have one day reduced from my Jiaxing incarceration to compensate for the extra day in Shanghai, so in the end it’s still just seven total days. It’s about halfway to the city I’ll be living in, Hangzhou. Word is the hotel there is much nicer than my current prison.

At first I was pretty happy with the food, but I think that was general excitement about being here. The more I have to eat the less enthusiastic I am with it. It’s all soaked in oil/butter and fairly salty. Edible, but would like some more variety. Further, the fish staring back with me was novel, but two more of them have not been welcome sights. Looking forward to a change there.

Final note today… Having a world perspective of “what time is it now?” is now a thing I have in my head that I didn’t before. Seattle is GMT(-7). Hangzhou is GMT(+8). I have to complete a live online workshop that’s taking place in Paris GMT(+2). Knowing what time it is across the world was hell-a-confusing at first, but it’s gotten much easier. I dig it. I don’t have to stop and figure out which way the earth turns in my head anymore. I just know.

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