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Goodbye to my seniors

I’ve spent the past two years with this group of six students. 11 units. 11 exams. 2 mock finals. All leading to a battery of three assessments that determine their future. Serious high stakes testing. Several of these students have earned conditional acceptance to universities that depend on their final IB exams. Yesterday, we made apple pies as a final small adventure together. They will always be a special group to me.

Lots of smiles the next day after the pies cooled down and we got to share them with friends and teachers. Not sure which is best. Spending time together making the pies? Or handing the fresh slice to someone and putting a smile on their face?

I learned (relearned) a lot with this group. It had been forever since I solved homogeneous differential equations. Or used the integrating factor to solve a standard form type. Seriously complicated stuff that isn’t part of the Advanced Placement curriculum in the states.

I haven’t missed a graduation in 30 years of teaching, but I won’t be able to make it to this one. I’ll be headed to Wuxi to spend the weekend with Aiyun. Our time is going to be limited this month and I don’t want to miss out on a chance to spend more time with her before I head back to the states. I talked to all the kids individually and thanked them for their hard work. I only ever had one group similar to this in the states back when I taught AP Calculus. Highest quality math students from top to bottom in a class. A rare but pleasant occurrence for a math teacher.

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Thank you, Baby.

I am really appreciated you choose to spend time with me instead of the student graduation ceremony which you have never missed before !

I really love you ! My love !

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Easy choice. :)

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