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Gorgeous day in Hangzhou

The past two days here have had an overcast layer that was visible to the human eye all over the place. After asking around I learned it was pollution. My weather app actually said going outside and breathing the air was dangerous. I'm wondering how this might have been related to the infection I had in my lung a couple months ago. I know I was out golfing on a bad polution day. I couldn't smell it and it didn't bother me at all while on the golf course, but I feel like I've always been sort of resistant to breathable irritants. I had a group of smokers as friends in college and that never bothered me.

This picture is the pathway behind my apartment. Cherry trees in blossom. Suns out with bright blue skies. Last night we had a HEAVY rain. A bit of thunder and lightning. My weather app now says the air quality is excellent. One good night of rain appears to have cleaned up the air. I'm hoping to golf this coming weekend. Hoping the air is okay as I'm going to have to walk the 18 holes. Apparently one of the golf cart batteries exploded and the building went up in flames. The course is still open for business, but no carts. There's not too many hills. Fairly flat. Looking forward to it.

Reports are that my mom continues to do well in her new home. However, she's already got a new fella named David. Here they are with my aunt Billie.

They've been caught behind closed doors together which sounds like it might get scandalous. Good on ya mom. Well, I guess it can be a touchy situation as we're talking about severe dementia patients. Can they make these sort of personal choices on their own at this point. Hmm. Not so sure about that, but if mom's happy, I'm happy. David's family had been contacted. I've been contacted. I'm told a plan will be put in place. Okay then. We shall see how this plays out.

Hit some more golf balls with by buddy Ian after school. Maybe a round of screen golf tomorrow night. Continue to stripe my irons. Really itching to get on a real course again soon.

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