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Got my visa!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Huge huge news today. I was super worried about getting my visa application processed by the Chinese consulate in San Francisco in time before I had to be on a plane headed to China on July 19. The expected wait time was three weeks putting me at July 16 from the actual time of submission. It arrived today after only 6 days. Dang. That was fast. Putting my actual passport in the mail felt weird, like, was that a smart thing to do with such an important document? Well, I guess it worked out.

Moment of genuine joy hit me after getting the visa back in the mail... this is really happening. I've been excited to go, but now I'm really feeling it. This is REALLY happening.

I expect to be hit with some mixed emotions soon. Yeah, I'm ready to head out, but I'm going to miss some folks quite a bit. Mom, Moira, Kaleb, and Arthur are at the top of my list, but also my pupper dawg Russo. I worry a bit about how he will respond to me not being here. I'm glad he will have Bowser here on a daily basis now that Moira, Kaleb, and Arthur are all moved into my house. Perhaps with all the new stimuli in the house he'll be fine. My secondary list is longer, but may have a more dramatic impact on my mental state. Steve, Nancy, Marni, Brian, Tony, and Durk. Not seeing them all on a regular basis is going to be a challenge. I will have more to write about all of them in the near future. I don't know what to expect there. Part of this trip is forcing myself to engage strangers and make new friends. I can't sit on the sidelines and watch. I will need to interact and speak up (and listen, yes Marni, I hear you and appreciate your input).

This past four days I got to spend golfing with Tony, Steve, and Brian in Eastern Washington. I hope I'm not taking them for granted. I hope I tell them all how important they are to me. Even asking myself that question feels bad, like I'm telling myself that I need to say it more often. Note to me, you're running out of time, get on it Bro.

Steve played amazingly well this week. As he and Tony were crushing Brian and me for the third straight day I had to remind myself that I needed to spend less time pouting and more time cheering for him. Getting my ass handed to me in golf is humbling, but that's not who I want to be. Self analysis is important. I have to give myself credit for acknowledging my failure, but that's not enough. Responding poorly to losing is selfish. Steve even pointed it out to me later in the round today. As soon as I complimented him I played better. I would rather be the guy that allows his attitude to determine his game, not the opposite.

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