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Hanging out in Wuxi

Dinner last night was great. We took a while settling on a place to have dinner, but it was worth it that we had some patience. The lamb was spectacularly good yet again. A bit surprised when I discovered that Aiyun's sister is even shorter than she is. Very nice lady. When we spoke about possible trips to take this winter Aihua was very excited about the idea of us going to Harbin for the ice festival.

Aiyun took me to a very nice and quaint outdoor breakfast spot to start out our day in Wuxi. Very cool private garden feel with lots of plants, ivy, and birds.

Fried dumplings and a mushroom/pork rice porridge, and the mocha was as good as it looks.

While having breakfast we decided on dates for a Harbin trip. January 3 to 6. The ice festival there starts on the 5th. Hoping we get some days that aren't so crowded followed by the insanity of the festival opening. I could spoil it for you and share some pictures of what we can expect to see, but I'll save it for when we are actually there. We reserved a hotel and bought airline tickets. All set.

After breakfast we had a couple of quick errands to run. Aiyun wanted to find me a tie for my new suit. I wanted to get her a better phone as hers is cracked and quite old. Yes, it bothered me more than her. Along the way we popped into a couple of shops that grabbed our eye. One was a very expensive furniture place that had four floors of various home furnishings. I'm glad we roamed there as you can learn a lot about someone's preferences just scoping out couches, beds, and bookshelves. Easily one of our highlights of the day. Another was a soap store that reminded me of Lush back home in the states. I've got a thing for fancy soap. Always a sucker for something that has a citrus scent.

The phone thing took some time, but we were able to settle on a newer iPhone at the Apple Store. Transferring the data over and making sure the sim switch worked took a bit of patience, but the gal helping us was efficient and helpful.

We then headed out to Tiahu (Peaceful Lake) in Wuxi. The plan was to roam a bit and try to lock down tickets tonight for a fireworks display. The park there is rather large and had a ferry that takes folks out to a small island in the lake.

Actually, that picture does no justice in showing the size of Tiahu. Thats only a small bay on the side of the lake. Taihu is enormous. Crossing it would get me halfway back to Hangzhou from Wuxi.

We missed out on the ferry ride because we were just a bit late from roaming around the lake.

We walked for a solid hour just sort of taking in the view and talking and ended up grabbing a seat in a small cafe having a slice of lemon cake and snacks. Just over two hours to wait for the fireworks show. Durk would be proud of me. I packed my cribbage board and deck of cards. Yeah, she beat me again. I had been on a roll our last few games, but she's improving.

Awesome fireworks. Not a shocker given China is proudly the home of gunpowder and fireworks. The drone show was very cool at the start, they spelled all sorts of things up in the sky and had moving pictures.

Every time you thought "that was the finale" it just kept going and going. It was like this for a full thirty minutes after the drones moved off into the right side of the sky.

Bummed I have to head home early tomorrow. It was the only available train seat I could grab near the end of the National holiday week, but still glad we got to spend a couple more days together. We enjoy each others company and we both are constantly looking forward to our next together time. That will be the following weekend when Aiyun comes to Hangzhou. This was a busy day, but a really fun day. We packed in all we could. Food, shopping, walking, drones, and fireworks. Tired legs and sore feet. Time to crash.

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