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Hangzhou arrival!

That…was a long week. So happy to finally be here, but not quite the here I was planning on. The new apartments aren’t quite ready. I get to do my three day quarantine on the old campus. I’m told we can move in first week of August, so likely next week. A bit bummed that I’m still living out of suitcases and can’t unpack yet. I’ll survive.

I shared a ride with a lady named “Jay” on my way to Hangzhou. We asked each other many questions and it was a fun conversation. When I told her I haven’t been here before she commented that I’m brave. She is currently living and working as an import/export specialist in Hamburg, Germany. She is visiting Hangzhou because her family lives here. She tells me Hangzhou is the most beautiful city in all of China. That was the primary reason I chose this job over other offers.

Driving through the city of Hangzhou you could see where the millions and millions of people live. There are many clusters of tall apartment buildings. Similar to what I saw in Shanghai. This city has a different feel though. There are several large rocky hills throughout the city giving it a more natural setting. Not so much urban jungle.

Big shout out to Peggy, Phoebe, and Angela. They took good care of me on my journey. Need to find them all a gift of appreciation. The HR team at Hangzhou International School is the bomb.

Peggy asked me what I would like for lunch and suggested pizza. Pizza!?!?!! That’s not why I’m here, but I under stand the suggestion. After I live here for a bit I’ll likely have that craving again. I asked

her if she would order me her favorite local meal. This is what I got.

The six items on the left were small dumpling like things. Definitely chicken. They had a super yummy spice I couldn’t figure out. Waiting to hear back from Peggy on names for all of this. The WonTon fish soup was alright, but not spectacular. Those were both warm. The small brown bowl was cold and had beans in it. It was sweet. I’m not a bean guy, but that was great. Here’s a close up.

The HR team stocked me up with food and beverages in this place. It’s a much larger space. They even got me a yoga mat! I needed that badly. They also got me a large box of fruit. The grapes are seedless and have a different flavor. I like them. It came with a dragon fruit too. Looking forward to trying that tomorrow.

The internet connection is pretty spotty here, but it’s temporary. I’m a happy camper at the moment. It’s only 2:30pm here, but that felt like a full day. Will try and watch a movie before attempting to make an omelette. Peggy brought me an onion, peppers, and some mushrooms. I loves me some garden omelette. I feel so spoiled.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
03 авг. 2022 г.

Very happy to see that Shmelmo made an appearance... you crazy round eye :)

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