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Happy Birthday Aiyun

Today is Aiyun's birthday. But first...

Just got off the phone with my mom and her nurse. Good news. She was conscious of her surroundings and situation. No hallucinations at that moment. A good sign she is improving. She was released and headed back to her apartment Friday afternoon. Will update.

Aiyun got to meet Steve and Nancy today. We all had a long video chat. Steve stressed how important it is that she understands the priority that our guys summer golf trip takes ahead of all else. Glad that he and I are on the same page there. Seriously though, she is looking forward to her getting to meet friends and family this coming summer. We are planning to pick some dates for her summer visit to Bellingham today. Steve recognized right away she had a great sense of humor. Not many people bring this out of me...

Also had a conversation where she got to say hi to my mom and Moira. That's a lot of people to meet today.

We had our own small celebration with a cake.

Did some shopping to buy me a winter hat. Had some coffee. Showed off her new iWatch. Hit a hot pot for dinner.

Dinner was great, but it feels like we both have a tendency to eat WAY too much when we eat out together. We went to a Hi-di-Lao. It's a chain of hot pot restaurants. Interesting item this time around. The small shrub on the shelf to the right was part of the meal. It was like fresh sprouts. They were pretty sweet. After cutting down the small forest you get to take the roots and base home with you so you can grow more. Very cool. The items you cook in the soup are all great, but it's the sauce you dip everything in that makes it spectacular. Aiyun made up a batch for me. There's a separate bar in hot pot restaurants where you get to make your own sauce. Peanut oil, sesame oil, garlic, and chives. There's lots of other items, but that's the combo I like best.

They did the birthday song for her too. Special lighted sign and funny hat required.

A fun day. We crashed on the couch before bed and watched Its a Wonderful Life. Interesting fact: Jimmy Stewart grew up a few miles from my hometown in Indiana, PA. There's a statue of him in front of the library there in town.

Next week will feel like work for me. I have a bunch of hours to complete to make sure my teaching certification is renewed back in Washington state. I also have six 20-page papers to read and grade. The weather looks to improve drastically next week so there's going to be potential for some real golf.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Dec 25, 2023

Happy Birthday!

Replying to

Thank you, Tony :)😊


JP Singh
JP Singh
Dec 23, 2023

Good to know your mom is getting better Mr Shick!

Love the photos and the video, Seems like you both had quite the fun time.

Happy Christmas and Gregorian New Year Mr Shick!!

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